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Mattersource is an initiative intended to increase the efficiency at which organizations operate.

To begin, we’re looking into philanthropy as we’ve identified several inefficiencies that stem from various aspects in organizations that operate in that space. We are tackling inefficiencies that can be addressed using technological and organizational means.

How We're Doing It

In practice, we help organizations maximize their impact, buff up their operations by leveraging their communities, and do it all in a transparent manner to create progress.

Essentially the initiative boils down to spanning beyond the constraints imposed upon philanthropic organizations in such a way that they can achieve beyond what they would typically be able to.


Disregarding organizations that are established not to further a certain good cause but its founders' own ends, organizations would significantly benefit from openly logging their costs and initiatives both to their communities and more importantly existing and potential patrons, as while a notable amount of endowments and charitable efforts are an end in themselves for donors’ own agendas regardless of anticipated impact or efficiency of expenditure. Whereas a segment of donors care where their funds are going and how they are spent, i.e. impact per dollar.


As non-profits rely on external funding, it is only natural that they are highly constrained with regard to the amount of progress they are able to make in a given effort due to costs of staffing, capital expenditures, and operational expenditures. Having a predictable influx of funds is rather difficult to attain. Leveraging their communities would essentially expand their ability to make progress by getting help that they would not otherwise receive.


Most organizations operate with a high level of adjacency to one another in the same spaces and often the same locales, depleting their resources towards their goals parallel to one another, ideally these efforts would be consolidated to maximize impact where their goals intersect.

Our Goals

Provide a Transparent and Accountable View

Of how resources are expended to reassure donors that their charitable donations do in fact go to a good cause in an efficient manner. This will allow the organization to maximize its impact within the bounds of its operation as an independent entity, but there remains potential for consolidating the efforts and resources of organizations that operate in parallel in the same verticals, e.g. housing, education, shelter, etc.

Conditional Endowments

Another interesting consideration is that of endowment, it is often the case that charitable contributions and donations are made for the sole purpose of having been made, not for the particular good that will result from them. We believe that an agreement of conditional endowment should be imposed upon all contributions made to a given organization to which they are expected to abide with regard to both progress and overall impact. This will ensure donor funds that are used for a worthy cause as opposed to organization retreats in the Caribbean.